Many motocross customers ask the following questions. Please have a look at them and if you still have any questions, get in touch with us.

Q: "Are flights covered, and where do we fly from?"
A: "All flights are included in the price of a package deal. Depending on where you are located in the UK, we will either fly you from London or Manchester. If you live in N. Ireland, we will fly you from Belfast Int. All destinations are to San Diego, California."

Q: "Do we get picked up from the airport?"
A: " Yes you are picked up and dropped off at San Diego and throughout your stay, are taken everywhere. Ie: fun, dining, shopping and riding."

Q: "Where do we stay?"
A: "All your accommodation is covered in a motel with pool.?"

Q: "Do I have to get travel insurance, I am with combined insurance of America, does that cover me?"
A: "Combined insurance of America does cover you whilst you are in the USA, but is a weakly payment to yourself for injury. It does not pay medical bills. We cover all medical insurance while on your stay which pays any medical bills which could occur whilst you are in the USA."

Q: "What tracks do we ride?"
A: "We tend to ride all the tracks within the area. Barona Oaks, Lake Elsinore, Perris Raceway, Starwest Motocross Park, Cahuilla Creek, Milestone, Glen Helen, Pala Raceway 


Q: "What do we do on a night after we have been riding?"
A: "After a days riding, you will be picked up from your motel and we will transport you to local restaurants."

Q: "How many days riding do we get?"
A: "As we are not a boot camp, we leave the riding decisions up to yourselfs, as somedays you may not want to ride. Some tracks are only open certain days so we will ride them then if you want to. Generally, we ride about 9 days on a two week package. 5 days on a one week package. Unfortunatley, we are unable to book the weather and if bad weather occurs, tracks will be closed."

Q: "Do we have to hire bike when we get there?"
A: "No, we supply the bikes, all fuel, track fees, transportation fuel, drinks and snacks whilst riding at the tracks and unintentional crash damage."

Q: "Do we get to go shopping?"
A: "Yes, we take you to the local dealers who offer us good discount. Also, we will take you to the local shopping malls if you want."

Q: "Do we only ride bikes?"
A: "No, we try to make it a vacation as much as a riding holiday. We tend to go have fun at K1 indoor Go Karting, and we also try to take you to one of the local them parks. Obviously if you are here within a supercross event, tickets and pit passes are included on that trip."

Q: "I ride but my friend doesn't, can he/she still come?"
A: "Yes we have a lot of people who do not ride that still attend. Obviously, the price of a non-rider is reduced."