Millers ZSS 2-Stroke (2T) 1L

Millers ZSS 2-Stroke (2T), 1L

ZSS 2T is a high performance semi-synthetic two stroke engine oil. It is formulated with a blend of mineral and synthetic base oils combined with modern low ash additives, designed to give excellent low smoke performance.

Application and Performance

Mix with petrol as recommended by the manufacturer for petrol/oil systems or in lube injection systems. Suitable for use in all 2 stroke motorcycles, kart and scooter engines. Suitable for road and track day use.

  • API: TC
  • JASO: FD
  • TISI: TISI Low Smoke

User Benefits

  • Modern low ash / low smoke technology makes it ideal for stop / start city use
  • High performance semi synthetic formulation offers maximum protection and reliability even over higher mileages
  • Lubricates and helps seal piston/ring/bore to prevent power loss. Prevents corrosion
  • Meets the latest international performance specifications for two stroke engines