PJ1 Clutch Tuner 2T 80W Gear Oil - Liter

PJ1 Clutch Tuner 2T 80W Gear Oil - Liter

PJ1 Clutch Tuner 2-Stroke Gear Oils SAE 75W and SAE 80W are designed for todays high performance 2-stroke motorcycle clutches and transmissions. Formulated with high base stocks and very shear stable VI improvers. PJ1 Clutch Tuner Oils will maintain viscometric properties throughout their useful life and will not experience rapid viscosity loss through shear. 75W provides ultra-low fluid drag for increased performance in smaller displacement engines while providing ultimate clutch performance. 80W provides high performance clutch and transmission protection in most other 2-stroke applications. Both viscosities are yellow metal safe due to advanced additive technology.

Application and Performance

  • PJ1 Clutch Tuner SAE 75W exceeds API GL-4, GL-5.
  • PJ1 Clutch Tuner SAE 80W exceeds API GL-4, GL-5.

Typical Properties

  • Gravity API @ 60 F: >31
    Gravity water = 1 .87 to .93
    Density air = 1: >1
    Flash Point: 311-468 c (592-875 F)
    Storage Stability: Excellent
    Color: Amber
    Viscosity ASTM D 445
    SAE 75W
    SAE 80W
    CST @ 100 F: 31.9 52.
    CST @ 210 F: 5. to 6. 9.5 to 10.5


This product contains a chemical(s) known to the State of California to cause cancer.