PJ1 Goldfire 10W40 Synthetic Motor Oil 4T - Liter

PJ1 Goldfire 10W40 Synthetic motor Oil 4T - Liter

PJ1 Goldfire 4T Oils are specially formulated for todays air and water-cooled engines. Goldfire 4T synthetic based oils contain detergent/dispersants, anti-corrosion inhibitors and anti-wear additive for improved wet-clutch and transmission performance. Passenger car and truck type oils can cause clutch and transmission problems in 4-stroke motorcycle engines due to single-lubricant motorcycle engine design. PJ1 Goldfire 4T Oils are designed to properly lubricate engine, transmission, and clutch parts.

Application and Performance

  • Recommended for all 4-stroke motorcycle and small engines.
  • Special additives help reduce piston scuffing and reduce cam wear.
  • Synthetic blended for extreme temperature conditions.
  • Synthetic blended for high RPM engines.
  • Formulated to protect clutch and transmission.
  • Recommended for use where owners manual calls for API SE, SF, SG or SH 10W30, 10W40, 20W40, 20W50.
  • Exceeds the following classifications: JASO MA, JASO T 903, API SG.