The MXUSA Team

We have a small, but passionate and dedicated team!

Gary Jackson is a seasoned motocross enthusiast, who has been riding since boyhood. Having conquered the youth motocross world, this expert rider moved to adult rankings at the age of 17, where he rode successfully for 14 years before hanging up his boots at the age of 30.

Not wanting to walk away from the UK motocross scene, Gary started organising his own events both locally and nationally, boosting his knowledge of motocross hardware by managing local bike dealerships. This management knowledge came in useful when Gary started his own small race team, before making his son, Jamie Jackson, his priority. Gary inspired Jamie to compete in boys’ motocross competitions in San Diego, before he followed in his dad’s footsteps and entered the adult rankings.

Jamie Jackson started out in motocross at the age of 6, encouraged by his father, established motocross rider, Gary Jackson. He showed early talent, winning Children’s Most Improved Rider of the Season, and continued to make strides in the motocross world, qualifying for the British Youth Motocross championships, where he placed in the top ten.

In America, Jamie qualified for GFI, and was also a GFI event winner. He continued his Stateside success by becoming the Carlsbad Christmas Grand Prix Winner and Barona Oaks 85cc Intermediate Season Winner, and placing 9th in the Barona Oaks 85cc Supermini Season Top 10.

Wanting to pass on his extensive knowledge of motocross, Jamie began coaching the next generation of motocross riders. 

With Jamie successful in his own right, Gary turned his attention to boosting the profile of the US motocross scene within the UK by organising motocross trips for friends and family. Word of mouth meant that Gary was able to turn this hobby into a flourishing business, and he now organises motocross trips for UK riders, their family and their friends.

A typical day of coaching involves visiting a track and helping riders identify and overcome mistakes, before showing them the best way to tackle the track with some new skills. A passionate sportsman, Jamie is also an accomplished football coach on both sides of the pond, earning himself a raft of qualifications which make him one of the most highly rated coaches in California.